BOT - Technology Intelligence

Chat bots represent a whole new era of human and machine interaction with advantage in customer experience. It is beneficial for those companies which are engaged in social customer service.It can be developed on any conversational platform and companies like Facebook, Slack, ZenDesk, Skype, Telegram, Kik have already implemented this technology. The idea behind a Chat bot is very simple and powerful: develop a bot which can answer questions or do administrative tasks on your behalf. The Task and use cases depend on organization requirement.

BOT - Cutting Edge Technology Solution

Staffing or HR BOT

Implemented with Telegram app

  • Search - Search Workers Bot
  • Select - Any of three options like electrician , plumbers or delivery
  • To share phone
  • phone

Chat Bot acts as a virtual employee in an organization, helps to achieve great customer experience. It can also help other employees to submit Timesheet, Call in sick, Submit vacancies and other usual need.

Fields for Bot Experience

With the different domain of business, the experience for customer to be satisfied with his queries, changes. The response changes with the business category and so the customer. Chat Bot took care of all the issues while you were busy with other resources.


  • Health bot
  • Weather bot
  • Grocery bot
  • Life advice bot
  • Cooking bot


  • Flower order bot
  • Shopping bot
  • Personal shopper bot
  • Price alerts bot
  • Gift Assistant bot


  • Flight assistant bot
  • Booking bot
  • Railway info bot
  • Taxi bot

Media & Entertainment

  • Printing bot
  • Movie reservation bot
  • Event ticketing bot
  • Photo editor bot
  • GIFs & Video bot